The guide began as a project of the Three Rivers Sustainable Food Group, a collective of citizens committed to eating locally-produced foods. In 2014, the guide became a collaborative project of two local organizations, *culture is not optional and the St. Joseph County Conservation District. Formed in 1948 to assist farmers in creating soil and water conservation plans, the St. Joseph County Conservation District partners with farmers and other organizations to ensure the county’s largest natural resource, water, remains a viable resource. *culture is not optional, based in Three Rivers, is involved in community development through the Huss Project, an evolving community center focused on art, food and play and home of Triple Ripple Community Gardens.

The guide exists to help us connect with where our food comes from. Visit the farm where it’s grown or raised and get to know the people who do it. Milk, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables are all available in our area. Take time this spring and summer to fill your freezer and pantry with produce grown locally. Milk, meat and eggs are available year round. Pre‐order larger portions of meat for your freezer. You can eat local all year round! Supporting local producers boosts our local economy and helps preserve the wonderful diversity of our River Country communities. Local is for the good of us all!  Together, we thank you for your interest in supporting sustainability in our region by reducing waste and by eating seasonally with joy and gratitude!